Article about Cardano Foundation, Veritree and CO2POOL in online magazine Coinrivet

Conrivet reported in an article dated 5 October 2021 on the background to the Cardano Foundation’s cooperation with Veritree. The article discusses the project to create a CardanoForest with 1 million trees, whereby the tree plantations are completely recorded via the Cardano Blockchain.

The fact that this project came about and contributes to making the Cardano Blockchain climate neutral is also thanks to our pool CO2POOL.

Since the opening of the pool in summer 2020, our goal has been to create a climate-neutral Cardano Blockchain. To this end, we have launched a wide variety of activities (see article in the blog) and created the surveys and calculations that have now been used to determine how many trees need to be planted to offset the energy consumption of the Cardano Stakepools. For this reason, the author of the article, Samuel Cooling, interviewed us and explained our activities and background in detail.

We are very proud that we were able to contribute decisively to this important project of pushing Cardano on a path to become a climate-neutral blockchain. We would also like to thank our partner pools from the Climate Neutral Cardano Group, with whom we have been able to get great things off the ground in the recent weeks.

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