CO2POOL Promotion – for sustainable growth.

I never thought I would start a promotion for our pool CO2POOL, because our commitment to a climate-neutral Cardano blockchain should be reason enough to choose our stakepool. 100% of our already not very high margin of 1.9% goes into activities for climate protection, and within the community we are committed to the goal of a climate-neutral Cardano Blockchain (see here).

Yet we only have 80 delegators. In order to establish our pool with its mission of a climate-neutral blockchain as a permanent part of the Cardano community, we would like to double the number of our delegators and increase our active stake from currently around 4.1 M Ada to at least 6 M Ada. The higher our active stake, the higher the donations for climate protection, and the more rewards for our delegators, as the pool costs are better distributed and thus reduced for each individual.

Many pools have already started promotions and promised giveaways to delegators – sometimes it feels like a bazaar for me. Is it all about promotion and no longer about mission and ideas? How can CO2POOL launch a promotional campaign that is different from the usual advertising hype? In which we find ourselves with our goals, but at the same time draw attention to our pool and win over some new environmentally conscious delegators who believe that another world, in which not only power and profits count, is really possible?

Here’s how we do it:

From epoch 271 (09th of June 2021) we will raffle 100 Ada every 3 epochs.

And all those will take part in the raffle who

– plant at least one tree in our Cardano Grove (and leave a wallet address in the comment field („donation message“) of their donated tree) or

– delegate at least 500 Ada to our pool and stay for at least 3 complete epochs (=15 days).

Those who both plant a tree and delegate to our pool double their chances of winning.

We reward our existing delegators (including pupils and students) for their loyalty by also participating those wallets that staked at least 50 Ada with us.

The first draw at the beginning of epoch 274 (25th of June 2021) will include all delegators who have staked in our pool until the end of epoch 271 and are still in the pool at the time of the draw. Further draws will then take place at intervals of 3 epochs (15 days) each (i.e. beginning of epoch 277, 280….). The minimum staking period is 3 epochs.

We hope that our pool performance (actually RoS of 5.2%) and our commitment to climate protection will convince the new delegators to stay with us for the long term. We will publish the winners on our Telegram channel, Twitter and Reddit.

We are looking forward to a lively participation and hope for many new trees in our Cardano grove and a good result for the existence of our pool. For a sustainable growth of our Cardano Grove and CO2POOL.

Stefan Rehfus, CO2POOL, 9th of June 2021

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